Goodbye Ruth

Learn to Play Guitar Like the Legends

All the great blues guitar legends learned to play by ear.
They listened to vinyl records on repeat until they got it down.
They went to smoke filled blues clubs to see others play.
They watched old video tapes over and over again.
Listened and imitated their favorite players.
Played by feel and put their own spin on it.
This is the blues.

Goodbye Ruth is a tribute to the neon lit blues clubs of Chicago——a method to learn and play guitar the same way the legends did.

Play the Blues—by Ear

If you learn to play by ear, you can sit down in a room full of other musicians you’ve never met and play along with a song you’ve never heard. You can put on a record and jam along. You can teach yourself anything directly from the artist that made it. You can take music you hear in your head and translate it to your instrument.

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The lessons are audio only instruction for a do-or-die ear based learning style to sharpen your listening skills and develop your ear to bridge the gap between the sound in your head and the sound coming out of your instrument.

Good luck.