016 Tuesday Blues

Slight Return // Jimi Hendrix

Hey folks, let's get straight to it.

It's been awhile — don't worry, I haven't hanged up the hat yet. I took a break to put my feet up, drink whiskey, and contemplate the structure of this project. It's now split into two parts — play & practice. I've covered the fundamentals of practice, let's talk about play.

In Greek philosophy, Aristotle believed that skill in performance is to be carried to the point which enables the student to enjoy good music, and no further.

"I’m a big believer in total free form improvisation... start some motif or groove, and then start taking as many chances as I possibly could inside of it until I totally fuck it up... and then start a new one... It’s the most musical way to practice... because you are always playing “in song mode” so to speak." — Tom Bukovac

True improvement comes from exploring what you already can play. Improvise and create variations on the take — make music.

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized electric guitar playing. He got his start playing a 1 string ukulele he found in a garage. Hendrix learned to play it by ear, changing tuning as he strummed to modify the pitch and matching single notes. He would play along to Elvis Presley songs on the radio.

Try it out at /play, you might just become the next great guitar player.

Catch you on the flip side,
Uncle Mike